EPISODE 9 - Mon 21st May

The proud producers of skyr, a cultured yoghurt which has been a Scandinavian favourite since the Viking era.  Sam spotted the potential to develop a product in the wave of trendy foods arriving in the UK, he convinced his dad Brian that diversifying their traditional dairy farm would mean taking a step away from the volatile milk industry. Since starting the company three years ago, they have gone from strength to strength and now Sam has nationwide success in his sights.

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Wild Craft Bakery is a vegan and gluten free bakery in Yorkshire using ingredients foraged by owner Mina, from local woodlands, countryside and green urban spaces. Mina forages for seasonal plants, from blackberries and wild mushrooms to blossoms and spring greens, adapting her recipes through the seasons. Her products are available at her Leeds based bakery.


Herb Fed Poultry was formed in 2010 by former chartered surveyor, Edward Wilkinson to produce free range, fully-flavoured chickens and turkeys for the consumer market. The birds enjoy a diet of natural cereal and a wide variety of herbs sourced from Edward’s Aunt’s farm.  Proud to be the only producers in the country providing this diet to their poultry, they believe the meat is packed full of flavour and texture due to the animals leading a happier, more nourished life on a stimulating diet.


The Malham Smithy is the workshop of female blacksmith Annabelle Bradley, where she designs and hand forges sculptural and functional wrought ironwork. Annabelle uses traditional blacksmithing techniques combined with contemporary design in producing decorative items for the home and garden.